Happy Monday friends!
     I know that the title gives it away, but yes, I was called out by friends Mary and Tim to do the ALS #icebucketchallenge! I’m so blown away by the amount of support the campaign has been able to raise, but I’m not just impressed by the amount of funds that have been pouring in. To explain further, I have been following the movement for the last couple weeks and have come across videos by those accepting the challenge, some of which are just hilarious, and have also come across blogs and articles that question the true effects of the ice bucket challenge… everything from wasting water to concerns that the ALSA supports embryonic stem cell research which for many is an ethical stance. I’ve even seen many complain that participants are just accepting the challenge just for personal PR or due to a mob mentality. I also read someone’s comment about why they chose not to take the ice bucket challenge, sighting statistics that the percentage of those suffering from ALS as being much less compared to that of hunger and homelessness. And here’s what I have to say about that…
…that’s exactly what I love about social campaigns like this!
    We live in a digital age that tends to be mundane and anonymous. From what I can see, the ice bucket challenge causes the human spirit to stir up. Whether it’s just getting excited to jump on the bandwagon, or getting riled up about repercussive issues, it’s not just about the cause at hand but people engaging in awareness and human thought and critical analysis. Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my friends and community participating in the challenge because I know that to whatever degree it may be, they are doing it out of certain conviction. Because of them, I’m here writing this post feeling educated, encouraged and unified, and still believe that good is being done for those currently suffering from ALS and unfortunately, future cases of this horrible disease. My honest hope is that we will see more social movements like this one, battling other important issues like hunger and homelessness, and that the way we go about it and the organizations that are supported just get better and better.
   As a final thought – even if you’re not compelled to donate or participate for ALS research, I hope that this will still be an opportunity to think about the causes that you do support and perhaps take some time to give in whatever capacity that you can.
     So here it is! It’s a bit hard to hear what I’m saying because it was super windy, but to summarize, in light of my own thoughts and convictions I decided to accept the challenge but with a twist! Instead of using water and ice (yes people, the drought in California is serious!) I decided to use ocean water mixed with sand because I’m just that excited to find traces of sand in my hair for the rest of the week (note sarcasm).




To donate or learn more about ALS and the research organization ALSA, go here: www.alsa.org
Note: If you decide to donate, you can choose to have your donation specifically used for ALS research.