It’s here! It’s here! My Blue Apron delivery is here!




     Happy Monday friends, and today I’m super excited to share my very first video on….drum roll please…Blue Apron, “The Unboxing”! I know some of you are rejoicing with me in chorus right now, but I understand that some of you might also be scratching your heads thinking “blue, wha??” So to fill you in, Blue Apron is a grocery delivery service that sends you fresh ingredients for 3 meals on a weekly subscription basis. And yes, when I say fresh ingredients that means you or somebody else is still doing the cooking. Of course I wouldn’t mind someone cooking for me every day…I mean, who wouldn’t…but I love that this concept provides you a way to learn new recipes and to put your own kitchen skills to practice. So fine, I may not have somebody else whipping up these meals, but I think it’s still pretty cool to have somebody else doing the grocery shopping for me!
     What’s also cool is that I had the opportunity to test out 1 week’s worth of Blue Apron FOR FREE because some thoughtful friends knew that this hungry friend likes to eat and could use some help in the kitchen. I had been curious about the service ever since they told me about it so to those friends, if you are reading this, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Here are the basic facts about the subscription…