cashew milk smoothie

     Cashews. They were the nuts that I would always pick around to get to the peanuts and almonds in a nut mix. Yes, I was that person. And it wasn’t until I was on the Ultimate Reset detox that I started to come to appreciate the flavor of cashews when incorporated into my food. I mean, I still don’t like to eat them raw. BLECH. But blended it into a soup or making a nut milk, then I’m like YESSSSSSS. Speaking of nut milks, who knew that they were so easy to make! I used to make my smoothies with almond milk but now that I’ve tasted the sweet creamy dream that cashew milk is, I don’t think I can go back!
     After picking up some dried dates from the farmer’s market and remembering that I had a jar of vanilla beans that needed to be used, I blended up a sweet + hearty smoothie that’s really perfect for any time of the day! So if you like bananas, dates, and vanilla, this recipe is definitely for you. And even if you don’t, give it a try!